Revitalizing Nigeria's Creative Landscape: A Visionary Roadmap By Honorable Minister Hannatu Musa Musawa

Greetings, art enthusiasts and cultural aficionados! Today, we delve into the visionary roadmap unveiled by the Honorable Minister of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy, Hannatu Musa Musawa. With an ambitious goal to boost the sector's contribution to the nation's economy to an impressive 10 percent, the minister's strategic approach is poised to transform Nigeria's creative landscape.

In an exclusive interview with Arise TV, Mr. Faiz Imam, the principal adviser to the Honorable Minister, shed light on the innovative methods being adopted. Drawing inspiration from South Korea's successful promotion of Hallyu (Korean Wave contents), the ministry aims to emulate this model for a cultural renaissance. Moreover, we will ministry is taking a proactive stance in synergy. By incorporating elements from the Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy, particularly the 3MTT initiative, efforts are underway to streamline collaboration among the ministries of Arts, Culture, and Creative; Communication and Digital Economy; and Tourism. This strategic integration seeks to eliminate redundancies, optimize resources, and enhance overall efficiency.

Notably, the ministry is also committed to breathing new life into dormant Nigerian art agencies and commissions. Mr. Imam emphasized a meticulous evaluation process to discern their effectiveness or deficiencies. This proactive approach ensures that investments are channeled wisely, guaranteeing these entities deliver on their respective mandates.

As we embark on this transformative journey, the Honorable Minister Hannatu Musa Musawa stands at the helm, steering Nigeria's creative ship toward new horizons. Join us in celebrating this visionary roadmap that promises to redefine and elevate the cultural and artistic identity of our beloved nation.