Rediscovering Roots at the John Randle Centre for Yoruba Culture & History

Nestled within the bustling metropolis of Lagos lies a portal into Nigeria's past - a place where diaspora visitors can reconnect with their ancestral Yoruba heritage.

The John Randle Centre for Yoruba Culture and History opened its doors in 2021 as Lagos State's premier museum and cultural site. Its unique mission: serving as a remembrance and reconnection point for people of African descent from across the Americas seeking to explore their rich Nigerian lineage.

Indeed, the Centre provides an immersion into Yoruba history spanning centuries - from sights and sounds that chronicle the Transatlantic Slave Trade era to vibrant displays capturing modes of traditional life, belief systems, arts, attire, cuisine and more. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to truly bridge the temporal divide.

For Cuban, Brazilian, Haitian and Caribbean diasporans yearning to plug generational gaps, the John Randle Centre offers that precious chance to rediscover their roots. Beyond ancestry, it provides powerful perspective into how Yoruba culture endures as a beating heart that connects Black communities across oceans.

As Nigeria's culture capital, Lagos is proud to host this illuminating hub for diaspora tourism. The John Randle Centre lures visitors to understand our shared past, so as to better understand the present. In serving those longing for identity, it is a site of both remembrance and rebirth.