Olu Of Orile Ilawo Visits Ministry Of Art, Culture, And The Creative Economy

In a regal rendezvous, HRM Oba (Prof) Alexander Olusegun MacGregor, the esteemed Olu of Orile Ilawo, Abeokuta, Ogun State, and his wife, Ambassador Yeye Lara Fashola, brought a touch of royal splendour to the Ministry of Art, Culture, and the Creative Economy on the 22nd of November 2023. Their visit underscores the profound connection between traditional leadership and the vibrant realms of art and culture. Welcomed by the Honorable Minister, the visit serves as a symbolic bridge between Nigeria's rich cultural heritage and the dynamic world of creative expression.

This majestic encounter emphasizes the Ministry's commitment to fostering collaborations that go beyond administrative boundaries, recognizing the pivotal role

cultural leaders play in both preserving traditions and catalyzing creative innovation. The royal visit resonates the enduring partnership between tradition and the creative economy—a partnership that continues to shape and enrich Nigeria's cultural narrative.