Advancing Nigeria's Intellectual Property Protections

The Ministry of Entertainment and Culture remains dedicated to the 8-point strategic plan laid out by the Honorable Minister Hannatu Musawa. A key priority is safeguarding creative assets through robust intellectual property (IP) protections.

Following a meaningful meeting between Minister Musawa and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Director General Daren Tang at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Ministry's Nigerian office engaged in a productive session yesterday. The goal was to enhance and solidify strategies for effectively implementing IP protections.

Led by Director Oluwatobiloba Moody, the Ministry team is keen to accelerate policy development around IP. Strong IP rights will help nurture Nigeria's creative industries. They empower artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians and innovators to thrive, both within the country and globally.

WIPO and its Director General stand ready to support the Ministry's work in developing an IP framework tailored to Nigeria's needs. Such a framework will spur creative innovation while upholding the country's values and traditions.

With the Honorable Minister's continued leadership, and dedicated staff like Mr. Moody, the Ministry is on track to deliver robust IP protections for Nigeria's vibrant creative sector. Intellectual property development is critical to building a strong entertainment industry and cultivating opportunities for Nigerian talents to enrich global culture.